Make Them HEAR You – The Gay Mens Chorus of Washington

May I humbly Suggest, that moving forward in our struggles to gain and MAINTAIN our equality in this country and abroad, WE OFFICIALLY ADOPT THIS ANTHEM AS OUR ANTHEM.
It speaks to never giving up, making your TRUTH BE HEARD, through all the clatter and din of our opposers and TEACHING OUR CHILDREN THAT THEY HAVE RIGHTS that MUST NOT BE DENIED!

Respectfully Submitted
Mark Bruzee. Ordained Clergy Person
Executive Producer, LEAP AUDIO
“Where Gay Characters are NORMAL”

Lyrics Below:
Make Them Hear You lyrics

Go out and tell our story.
Let it echo far and wide.
Make them hear you.
Make them hear you.

How that justice was our battle and how justice was denied.
Make them hear you.
Make them hear you.

And say to those who blame us
For the way we chose to fight
That sometimes there are battles
That are more than black or white.

And I could not put down my sword
When justice was my right
Make them hear you
Make them hear you

Go out and tell our story
To your daughters and your sons.
Make them hear you.
Make them hear you.

And tell them in our struggles
We were not the only ones
Make them hear you.
Make them hear you.

Your sword can be a sermon
or the power of the pen
Teach every child to raise his voice
and then my brothers, then

Will justice be demanded
By ten million righteous men.
Make them hear you.
When they hear you
I’ll be near you, again.

Scare Me Up a Little Bit of Love

 Scare me up a Little bit of Love
Written by Ryan Bartlett
Adapted by Mark Bruzee

Featured in the cast were:
Jack Ward as the Rupert
Eleiece Krawiec As Mrs Drake
Bob Feezer asTolly Waverly
Steve Atkins as Gavin Drake
Pete Lutz as Mr Drake
Paulina Logan As Gabby Drake
MJ Cogburn as Mrs Nesbit
As Cub Scout Joey
Mark Coutu as Father Morgan
And Danny
Austin Beach as Mr Waverly and
Mark Bruzee as John
Your genial host is The Watcher.

The series is produced, directed and post produced by Mark Bruzee
Thematic Music courtesy of Lucas King Music
Incidental Music and sound effects courtesy of

This has been a Leap Audio Production

8-A play about the battle for Marriage Equality

A play about the Fight for Marriage Equality

Dustin Lance Black

Featured in the cast were:
Austin Beach as Charles Cooper
Bob Caro as Evan Wolfson
Shannon Grace as Maggie Gallagher
Christian Ferris as David Blankenhorn
MJ Cogburn as Dr Cott
Jeremy Hennessy as Dr. Gregory Herek
Michael Cogburn as Elliot Perry
Mason Cogburn as Spencer Perry
John Washington as Dr. Tam
Keane Lutz as Ryan Kendall
Kristy Glick as Sandy Stier
Melody Gaines as Kris Perry
Kyle Bauer as Dr. Ilan Meyer
Maurice Curran as Jeff Zarillo
Omar Lopez as Paul Katami
Lisa Marie Ayala as the Court Clerk
Victoria Fancki As the Journalist

And special Guest stars:
Pete Lutz as Judge Vaughn Walker
Jack Ward as David Boiis
Timm Gillick as Dr. Gary Segura
Mark Bruzee as Theodore Olson
Nick Wommack as the Narrator

This play was written by Dustin Lance Black
Produced by Pete Lutz for 63audio
Mark Bruzee for Leap Audio
Post-production by Mark Bruzee
Line Director was Pete Lutz

“Love Don’t Know a Reason” by Michael Callen was used without permission.

8 was originally funded by The American Foundation for Equal Rights and Broadway Impact.

For more information or to schedual your own staged reading of “8” goto:

This has been a co-production of 63audio and Leap Audio.

What Makes an Activist?

OK Boys and Girls, and Everyone in between…
What makes an activist? Is it a fierce anger that drives them?
Is it hatred for the status quo that has allowed what they deem as a travesty to occur? Is it sadness for the loss of a loved one in the process of protesting or celebrating a moment in social justice history?

Yes. To all of the above and more. Let me relate a short example from my own life.

When the Original STONEWALL RIOTS happened, I was a fresh faced ALMOST teen of 12 years old. I was NOT a virgin. I had been having “sex” with boys for a couple of years by that point and knew inside me that (1) This was a Major part of who I was and (2) This was something that people would hurt me for, if they found out. [ Editors Note – Remember, this happened in 1969.] We didn’t KNOW about being in the closet because we so far in it we couldn’t see the door.

Then I heard news on the radio and reports on Television of a Police raid on the Stone Wall Inn, in Greenwich Village in NYC. It was July 30th, 1969. The police had arrested homosexuals who were patronizing the Stone Wall Inn and were naming them in the newspapers to shame them. Even at that age, I understood what was going on. Police, for whatever reason, were hurting PEOPLE LIKE ME, for Being people like me. (I Still couldn’t name myself as a homo at that time). I heard that many of these homosexuals were fighting back, some of them being injured rather severely by the police. I WANTED TO BE THERE. I wanted to fight back against what I saw as wrong behaviour by the police.

This was the day the activist in ME was born. I made a silent pledge to myself that from this moment forward I would stand up, IN SOME WAY, for other “homos” like myself.

Fast forward 44 years. I am standing in front of the Reflecting pool at the NY State Fair grounds. about to marry the man I have loved for more than 30 years. We will be LEGALLY Married, Equal in all aspects (or at least 2000+ ways more than the day before) to our heterosexual friends, and it dawned on me. THIS IS A MOMENT OF ACTIVISM! I am marrying my fiance, IN PUBLIC, in front of witness’s I know and do NOT know. That was my first REAL moment of Social Justice activism as a gay man.

It was LIBERATING! It was TERRIFYING! It changed my whole world view.

Now I run an online theatre company that does audio books and plays about Gay, Lesbian, Transgener, Bisexual youth and young adults. We do not stereotype them. They are now the comic second banana’s. They are the stars. They have the adventures aided by their straight friends. And People Listen. They learn that GLTB+ people are the same as they are.

What maked an Activist? Many, many things. But you will know you are an activist in your own time and space.

Just my two cents for today.

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