A Special Re-Broadcast of FOREVER DECEMBER

A  Special RE-Broadcast

Tonight, we bring you a tale with a holiday flavor, and no I don’t mean one of the 5 fruitcakes that have been past around since time began. This story is about Rollie– a postman, and a father. I am very grateful they let me tell this story this time around. And I think that after you hear it, you too will want it to be…forever December.

You have been listening to a
Special Christmas Edition of

Holidays at Home.

Your Host was Mark Bruzee.

Featured in the ORIGINAL CAST Were:
Mark Bruzee as Rollie
Linda Townsend as Ginny
Jim Barbour as Frank
Bill Hollweg as Paul
Zack Fester as Tyler Marshall
John Lipsey as Lex
and Mark Bruzee as your host, Harbinger

Based on the short story by Da Beagle
Scripted by Paul Mannering
Music by Kevin MacLeod

The series was produced and directed by Mark Bruzee
Co-production by Chris Snyder
Post-production by Matt McLaren

The series is produced, directed and post produced for LEAP AUDIO by Mark Bruzee.
NIGHT TERRORS is a darker projects production.
The executive producer for darker projects is M. J. Cogburn.
Special Thanks to darker projects dot com for re-broadcasting permission.

This has been a LEAP AUDIO, darkerprojects production.


The Throw Away Boy – A Poem by Ricky the Writer

Special Thanks to my Friend John for granting permission to post this poem.

He walks the streets at midnight,
The shadows are his friend,
He shivers from the cold,
And wishes for the end.

He wonders how he got here,
How life had gone so wrong,
Just a day ago they loved him,
He had a loving home.

His body now feels nothing,
He’s numb from the bitter cold,
How could this ever happen.
To someone twelve years old.

What choices have I got?
I have no place to stay?
I really don’t understand it,
All I did was say, “I’m gay.”

His tears had all but ended,
Decisions must be made.
“Do you think that guy will hurt me?
Do you think he’ll really pay?”

Perhaps he’ll see I’m hungry,
And keep me all the night.
I hope he’s not an angry guy,
The type who likes to fight.

They’re children made for hugging.
They’re not some human toy.
I wish I’d found him earlier,
He’s not a throw away boy.

        Discarded children are everyone’s responsibility.


Holiday At Home – The Day Before Christmas

Thank you/


Holiday at Home

The Day Before Christmas

A Poem by Mark Bruzee
(With Apologies to C. Clement Moore)

This Episode was Produced, Written, directed and post produced by

Mark Bruzee

Silent Night by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC Attribution 3.0.
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What Child is This by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC Attribution 3.0.
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