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In the year 2115 the Earth went mad. Volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, massive pockets of radiation erupted upon it’s surface. Ten thousand children were placed in 10 biodomes across the US to wait out the cataclysm until the day when humans could reclaim the earth. But what awaits them and their guardian guides? Did anyone or anything survive from the old times? How will they live. This is our story. This is the story of GENERATION ONE.


Holiday At Home – Wyatt’s Thanksgiving

pots_clients_dining-roomAn Anthology of Holiday Themed Audio Stories


A Fully Cast Audio Short Story

Written by David Lee

Adapted for LEAP Audio by The author and Mark Bruzee

Featured in the cast were

Mark The Narrator
Chris Wyatt Thorne
George Jesse
MJ Mrs. Harvey
Victoria Hellen Thorne 
Lee Walt Thorne 

Your Host is MJ Cogburn.

The series was created and directed  by Mark Bruzee
Post Production by MJ Cogburn
Music Courtesy of Kevin McLeod

The Executive producer for Leap Audio is Mark Bruzee

Visit us on the web at:

Don’t Look in the Closet

An Anthology of Horror by Ryan Bartlett
An Anthology of Horror by Ryan Bartlett

Don’t Look in the Closet
Episode 1.01


Written by Ryan Bartlett

 Tonight we have a tale of Halloween to tell.
4 friends and an opporturnity to turn their celebrations into something more than the ordinary bobbing for apples. There is only one problem. They wind up on NATIVE GROUND.

Written by Ryan Bartlett, adapted by Mark Bruzee
Featured in the cast were
Chris Snyder as Brice
Katy Gomez as Wendy
Kalin Thomas as Timmy
Lee Noel as Adam
Victoria Sampson as Amy
Your Host is David Ault
Post Production by Mark Bruzee and Chris Snyder
Music Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod
The Series is directed and produced by Mark Bruzee
This has been a LEAP Audio Production

Welcome to the All New L.E.A.P. Audio home

Today I am Proud to announce the launching of a NEW AUDIO DRAMA / AUDIO BOOK Project. It’s called

L.E.A.P.  Audio

(Loose Ends Audio Productions)

What makes L.E.A.P. Audio different from other companies is not the technology or the talent of our authors, actors and technical team…It is the CONTENT OF OUR STORIES.

You see, L.E.A.P.  Audio Will ONLY Publish stories, plays and novels that present GLTBQIAP Teens and Young adults in “NORMAL” roles, No bed hopping sex maniacs, No brooding emotionally crippled stereotypes and certainly not hiding in the closet. These will be fully fleshed out characters with rich back stories, boy friends or girl friends whom they OPENLY ACKNOWLEDGE and DEFEND (when need be) Who are what they really are – NORMAL TEENAGERS and Young adults who simply are GLTBQUIA and Proud of it.

Yes there will be Conflict (real life has conflict) there will be humor (but never at the expense of someones Gender. Gender Prefference or Gender Identification). The humor will come from natural situations.
There will be Heroes…Both “Gay” (to use it as a catch all term) and Straight. There will be villians – Again both gay and straight. BECAUSE THAT IS HOW THE REAL WORLD IS.

We welcome you to follow this space. Our projected LIVE date is OCT 31, 2014 with a Fantastic new Horror Anthology series called “:DON’T LOOK IN THE CLOSET”… While episodes will be released at random intervals because of the nature of Volunteer workers, actors etc, we promise you our BEST EFFORTS to, as was mentioned so often in the 1960’s-1970’s tv, to “Accurately reflect the people and culture” of the GLTBQIAP community and our people.

If you would like to volunteer acting, post producing, writing, web management etc, please feel free and welcome to contact me at