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Desiderata for the Bullied
Written by Rob Watson

Desiderata for the Bullied

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Desiderata written by Max Ehrmann
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October is ANTI Bullying Month

Schools should be a young person’s primary center for learning, growing, and building a foundation for success in the world. High school can be challenging for any student, but LGBT youth face additional obstacles of harassment, abuse, and violence.

  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender bullying is alarming.  In fact 9 out of 10LGBT students reported being harassed and bullied last year.
  • Over one-third of LGBT students are physically assaulted at school because their sexual orientation and gender identity are different than those of heterosexual students.
  • About two-thirds of LGBT students reported having ever been sexually harassed (e.g., sexual remarks made, being touched inappropriately) in school in the past year.
  • Over half of all students report hearing homophobic remarks often at school. More than 30% reported missing at least a day of school in the past month out of fear for their personal safety.
  • LGBT students at schools with comprehensive policies on bullying and harassment are much more likely to report harassment to school authorities who, in turn, were more likely to respond effectively.
  • The average GPA for students who were frequently physically harassed because of their sexual orientation was half a grade lower than that of other students.
  • LGBT students are twice as likely to say that they were not planning on completing high school or going on to college.
  • Gay teens are 8.4 times more likely to report having attempted suicide and 5.9 times more likely to report high levels of depression compared with peers from families that reported no or low levels of family rejection.

The language used against LGBT students is unconscionable. LGBT Students, like any other students deserve to be treated with tolerance, respect and dignity because the reality is, it should never matter what your sexual orientation or identity is.

Principles guiding the rights approach on sexual orientation relate to equality and non-discrimination. Human rights advocates and other activists seek to ensure social justice and guarantee the dignity of LGBT’s because like anyone else an LGBT student is a person just like you are. The ONLY difference is their sexual orientation.

Maybe you’re different because you’re tall, underweight or dress differently than others. NO MATTER what our differences are everyone one deserves to be treated with respect and dignity!

  • We cannot accept ignorance
  • We cannot accept intolerance
  • We cannot accept name-calling
  • We must all respect each other
  • We must all accept others
  • We must all be tolerant of others
  • We must all be allies

We are ALL the same – NO MATTER™! We are ALL people!

Let’s create a world of love, kindness, compassion and respect. There is no reason to call someone a name for any reason! If you don’t understand an LGBT’s sexual orientation — learn more. Educate yourself! Educate others!

Creating a safe environment for all students – LGBT and straight alike – begins with being acceptance, tolerance and respect.

CELEBRATE our differences and HONOR our similarities! NO MATTER™!

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bayside MANSION

Halloween Reunion
Written by Tarheel Writer
Adapted for Audio and directed by Mark Bruzee

Featured in the cast were:
Jack Ward… as the Narrator
Romeo Morales… as Jayme and Donnie
Mason Quales… as Timmy
Bob Feesur… As Kyle
Katie Gomez… As Sara

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An Open Letter found on the Huffington Post


OUR VOICES – An Open Letter
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The original writer was Sarah Prager.

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A Special Presentation June 26,2015

This Morning, as we await the possible decision of the US Supreme Court on Marriage Equality in the United States, LEAP AUDIO is Proud to rebroadcast a SPECIAL program from 2013 when SCOTUS Overturned Proposition 8 in California and Major aspects of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act).
Written by Rob Watson of EVOL EQUALS, it is called:

The Host was M.J. Cogburn.
The Narrator is Mark Bruzee.
Script edited by George S. Nader and MJ Cogburn
Music by Kevin MacLeod
The Executive Producer of Darker Projects is M.J. Cogburn.

SPECIAL NOTE: We will return Later today IF the Supreme Court releases it’s decision on Marriage Equality today.

One of our OWN Speaks OUT.

We at LEAP AUDIO are proud of the work we do, but when one of our contributors submits a poem like this… well we just have to share.


You know….you’d think our society would openly accept all types of love. You’d think our religions would say that the god up above. The god said to of created us wouldn’t be so Hanes. To send the ones he created to hell just for being themselves. Just the thought makes you feel like nails are bearing down from the shelves. If a gay boy wasn’t meant to be why is it that he’s here beside me? If gays are to go to hell then why do they care for even the ones who say they’re nothing more than an evil spell. An evil spell that they say could cause mayhem every single day yet they don’t realize the only ones causing mayhem is they. They who say to treat those the way you want to be treated but then turn around and say they also don’t want to be hated though they don’t agree if 2 men were to of dated. Why is it illegal for gays to get married in a few states but it’s legal in all states to have these hateful dates. Dates that preach hate and bigotry when instead could be teaching about loves geometry. Why is there so much hate in our country when we should have purity. Why is it that religion says gays should go to hell? What about the gay boy in class who gets nothing but sass from the rest of the mass. The mass of students doing nothing but showing their rudeness to a young boy who just wants joy. What about the couple who wants to get married but finds that the masses are varied. Varied on a thin line of being fine vs being a crime. How can they say that it’s against what getting married symbolizes when gays only want to show how love has no bound sizes?! They say it’s a persons right to be hateful and unlawful while you sit by and watch as normal people start to feel like they’re gonna die. The bottom line is that gays are fine. So what if they don’t share the same belief?! It’s not like you’re their chief! How is gay marriage affecting your heritage?! How can they keep them from being protected when they also want to be respected?! So tell me this…how can they be remiss? Remiss to just dismiss these gays with bliss. To not recognize that it isn’t a choice but a voice. A voice saying that love shouldn’t be dictated by anything from up above. And so now I want all of those who are gay to stand up. Stand up and say I am proud to be gay! Don’t you all hear what these gays say?! They will not be filled with dismay! And i hope that things will go your way…instead…of towards decay.

Your Reader is the Author … Zachary Frasu.

Your Host is Mark Bruzee

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