is a Character Driven Audio Drama set in the world of International Espionage and Child Slavery.
Our Hero’s Danny Schofeild (MARC BANN) and Dima Roschenko (JIMMY DEAN) lead an international team of Spies and Military Specialists against the machinations of the sadistic Oskar (PETE LUTZ) who runs a child slavery ring across the globe bent on corrupting Young Boys to be rent boys using their talents to elicit classified intel from high ranking officials from varying nations.

Slated for 25 episodes, each running between 10-15 minutes and released on a WEEKLY Basis begining in September, Join LEAP AUDIO for a NEW type of SPY DRAMA:

PHEONIX RISING. Chapter Zero- Setting the Stage.
Featured in the cast were:

Jimmy Dean As Dima

Marc Baan as Danny Schoefield

Pete Lutz as Oskar

Ted Falagan as General Roskov


MJ Cogburn as Director Cole

Eleiece Krawiek as Dr Freeman

Your announcer is Cary Michael Ayers.

Other Characters were voiced by the cast.

The series was Created, written and produced by Mark Bruzee
Post production by Mark Bruzee Special Effects courtesy of Music by:
“HIT MAN – by Kevin McLeod
Hitman Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
“Rise Like a Phoenix” By Conchita Wurst (VERST), cover by Dima (DEEma)
Used without permission.
This has been a Leap Audio production. Thank you for listening.