Written by John Odom.

Adapted for LEAP AUDIO by mark Bruzee.

Featured in the cast were.

Zachary Frasu as Titan Flagstone.

Victoria Sampson as Titans Mom and Josie.

Charlie Abraham as Mark Ward.

Shawn West as Mr Barnett.

Tristen Ginter  as Carl Dennison.

Elie Hirschman as Mr. Kelly.

Mark Bruzee as Grandpa Morely.

Lee Noel as Titans Dad.

Other roles were played by members of the cast..

The Dirctor for CHARGED REVELATIONS was Mark Bruzee.

Post Production by Mark Bruzee.

Music and Effects courtesy of Free S. F. X.. s

Special Recording Assistance by

BLACK CROW MEDIA, Valdosta, Georgia 31601

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This is a Special Simul-publishing event with CASTLE ROLAND.

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The Executive producer for LEAP AUDIO is Mark Bruzee.

This has been a LEAP AUDIO production. Thank you for listening.