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Why advertise with AudioFile?

  • We are the #1 source of audiobook reviews worldwide
  • The focused way to meet an engaged group of listeners
  • Your titles are in front of a targeted audience of consumers, librarians, and audiobook professionals

​Who We Reach

  • CONSUMERS (75%)
  • LIBRARIANS (20%)
  • INDUSTRY (5%)

How We Reach Them

AudioFile Magazine (print & digital editions 6x a year)

WEB (weekly)

E-Newsletters (3x month)
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RealTime Reviews email (weekly)
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Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine (daily podcasts)

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Indie Showcase Advertising Materials Submission ($550. per title)

Sponsored Email Templates & Submissions ($2000. per campaign)

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NEWSLETTER Advertising Materials Submission

WEBSITE Advertising Materials Submission

Be sure to reserve space in advance with Michele Cobb, see below.

Advertising Contacts:

Michele Cobb Sales
Robin Whitten Graphics & Production

AudioFile office: 800-506-1212 / 207-774-7563

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